A New Book
by Julie Pope!


A New Book
by Julie Pope!

"None of us like to think about death but it is something this book brings to the forefront. We do not realize how important it is to have these conversations with our family. It is very inspiring, thought provoking and and easy read."  

- WT in Indiana
"Thank you Julie Pope for giving us a gift that we would not have normally chosen for ourselves. Your background knowledge and willingness to offer your expertise on the subject life/death is a blessing. I highly recommend this to all."

- KO in Indiana

Keeping people protected from the cold is what it's all about! Cover Lafayette by bringing in blankets and other items. Covers of various shapes, sizes, colors, textures continue to stream in. They don't stay long as the demand continues to rise as people become aware of the Cover Lafayette Project. The collection continues as temps stay cold and the demand stays strong. We have unbelievably awesome support. It is working!

Collection and free pick up is at 927 Main Street on the back porch, (Downtown) Lafayette, IN.

Cover Lafayette

About Us

Having worked in funeral services with countless survivors of the dead over the years, it is mind-blowing to see how many people are not prepared (on any level) to deal with the smallest and largest details required by funeral professionals to put a body (including yours) to rest. People often have no idea what death care means and how death is connected to everything we do in life.

Our passion is to help you get comfortable talking about death. Your time on earth is shorter than you think, and we want you to be fully aware of the responsibilities you have to yourself and your next of kin to get your body and mind prepared for the inevitable.

Here in the Eternity Ward, our goal is to help you prepare.  We are a resource for the following:

End of Life Services
INELDA Trained End
of Life Doula
Family advocate for Funeral
Homes and Cemeteries
Funeral officiant
Non-traditional funerals
Anatomical Donation
Public Speaking

Downsizing & Preparation
Clearing Cutter
Help Downsize Home
Organize files
Clean Up & Sell Ready
Paint & Landscaping
Help Locate Services Available

Life Events & Celebrations
Personalization of Ceremony
Family Gatherings
Coordinate Catering &
Event Location
Non-Traditional Ceremonies
How to Make It Memorable
Living Memorial Services


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the dark side of sod

a blog by Julie Pope

Know the Drill

November 5, 2018

If you are the responsible party there is always the nagging question,“Am I doing the right thing, is this what he/she would have wanted?” And this question remains the same regardless of how the death occurred and to whom. Ultimately, we want to...


"It's my funeral and I'll serve ice cream if I want!"

October 31, 2018

John had a neighborhood ice cream truck business where he served cool treats to families for years. He was a great guy, everybody loved him, and over time his business expanded to the point where he became successful, had a good life, and eventually retired. But, he never got rid of the ice cream truck that blessed him with so many wonderful memories. He...


Do you live in a Twilight Zone?

October 31, 2018

Twilighter's are people who live in our communities that range from say, 80 yrs - 150 yrs of age. Today, a large number of Twilighter's still live independently in neighborhoods they have resided in most of their life. The challenge is...


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